What You Should Know About Electronic Cigarettes

1.  Do you agree/disagree with the argument that e-cigs will lead to addictive use of regular cigarettes?

Answer: my opinion is, yes, I agree that e-cigs will lead to addictive use to regular cigarettes later on. When someone uses them and hears about regular cigarettes they think ‘oh ,if  e-cigs are good and feel good then regular cigs must make you feel great’ and so they try them and get hooked or addicted.


2. Should e-cigs be regulated by the FDA in the same way that regular cigarettes are?

Answer: yes, because e-cigs have pretty much the same chemicals as in regular cigs. They both have nicotine, which is a chemical that makes you addicted tobacco products.

(Questions taken from the Kelly Gallagher Article of the week website)


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