Last week in Youth Health Ambassadors, we baked quiche which was delicious!!!! I loved the taste, and the texture, but best of all I loved all the bell peppers we added to it. It gave it a whole new taste compared to the one we had made before, containing cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. Quiche is absolutely a great pastry to bake at home for parties or dinner because it is very easy to make and can be fun because you can make it unique every time. Sort of like an experimental dish, where you can mix all your favorite foods, bake and savor the flavor.

Our quiche contained, cheese, bell peppers, eggs, milk, salt and black pepper. The fun part was mixing them all in which was later put on the pie dish to bake. The only thing I was too nervous to do was pouring the eggs into the pie dish when it was already containing the other ingredients. I was afraid of it over flowing, which may have made it look ugly.

There isn’t anything I didn’t like about the quiche, mainly because it has become one of my favorite foods ever since I was introduced to it. They all taste great. I don’t think there can ever be “bad” quiche, “there hasn’t been a quiche I did not like”, said by the mentor of this program, Christina. It is highly true, because of the fact that you can make how you would like and add anything you want to it makes it lovable food. If we were to make quiche again, I would like to try making it with chicken in it. I wonder how that would taste.

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