Effects and influence of Electronic Cigarettes (Overview)

Alejandro Gudiel     12/12/13

Electronic Cigarettes Growing In Popularity With Teens   Over View

Q1:  Do you agree/disagree with the argument that e-cigarettes will lead to addictive use of regular Cigarettes?

In the idea of whether or not the use of e-cigarettes would lead to the use of conventional cigarettes, I have to say that I agree.  Not only do you have look at it in a way that the nicotine would cause said addiction, but you also have to look at influence.  Teens are constantly being pressured by the way modern society is progressing, and that’s not including the influence that they receive from the people who are older than them. Unless the teen finds some way to resist the constant peer pressure, and the influence from their elders, it’s only a matter of time before they decide to get into conventional cigarettes.

Q2: Should E-cigarettes be regulated by the FDA In the same way that regular cigarettes are?

Definitely. In my opinion, anything that contains tobacco and nicotine should be regulated. All the E-cigarettes are doing is making tobacco more accessible to minors. If anything, I’d say that it’s only leading them to conventional cigarettes, if not using the popularity to increase the sale of tobacco in general.  If we already know what conventional cigarettes do to the human body, what difference does it make if we find some other way to sell it? I mean sure, it doesn’t have the same amount of tobacco, but it doesn’t change the fact that it can still be harmful to us, even if the effects don’t  show as fast as conventional cigarettes.

Q3: If it remains that the FDA does not regulate E-cigs, predict what effect it will have on our teens in 5-10 years.

Well, given the fact that there is also a rise in teen pregnancy, I predict that there will also be a rise in birth defects as well. Not only will it affect teens, but it will also affect future generations. Try looking at in a way where not only will it become normal for the regular teen to be constantly in taking excessive amount of nicotine and tobacco added with the rise of teen pregnancy. This future is bound to have higher death rates and lower life expectancy. Not only that, but it would still be hard on those trying not to smoke. There will be a rise in second hand smoking and air pollution, adding to the belief and spread of global warming. So, all in all, not only are we affecting the human race and its future generations, but also the very planet we live in.


(Questions taken from the Kelly Gallagher Article of the week website)

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