E-cigs, are they harmful or harmless?

  • Do you agree/disagree with the argument that e-cigs will lead to addictive use of regular cigarettes?
  • Should e-cigs be regulated by the FDA in the same way that regular cigarettes are?
  • If it remains that the FDA does not regulate e-cigs, predict what effect it will have on our teens in 5-10 years?

(Questions taken from the Kelly Gallagher Article of the week website)

I agree with the fact that e-cigs may negetively affect someones life financially and physically, but im not so sure it can lead to the use of regelar cigerettes. I feel like it is a possibility, but I don’t feel like is is a rising problem. I think e-cigs should definitely be regulated just so that people can be more informed about the health risks it carries. I just think that if the FDA does not regulate e-cigs, teens would not only be more exposed to niccotine, but it would decensitize people to the negative aspects in smoking and teens would think smoking e-cigs are harmless and cool.

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